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diy shoes ideas

diy shoes ideas

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diy shoes ideas

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diy shoes ideas

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diy shoes ideas

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Great quality hat!
Ordered a size larger because I just wear it around the house and I like loose fit clothes. Fabric is also very soft and warm!
This was the most nicely wrapped secure product I have ever had the pleasure of unwrapping. The Baby Jesus had less swaddling. I believe that there was 7 layers of protection around this wallet. The last computer I ordered online showed up in a baggy and an old grocery bag thrown in a box. The wallet was very tastefully wrapped and it's beautiful. The cards fit great and it is tighter than a drum. (What the hell does that mean?) Curse you thieves if you think you're going to get any info about the $11.24 I have on my debit card with this magical rfid stuff sprinkled over it. Some wizard somewhere is working overtime to protect all of my vital info for sure. It is a beautiful wallet presented amazingly well and I think everyone should have one close to their butt cheeks!


Been a week and I still caress it often. It still has that new wallet smell! I have to work hard to get my plastic money out of the holders while the paper money is nestled nicely behind the clip. Seriously, buy one. Hell! Buy two!* Get one for each ass cheek!

*I am not paid by Sermans nor do I have any stake in the company. Just a great quality wallet that's shipped nicely!
Super thin. Id go with the saucony ankle socks. Much better sock for sure...
Great little bracelet sets!! I bought a few different ones to mix and match and I love them!! Great quality and value! They also came packaged in a cute little box making them gift giving ready!
Very soft, lightweight and comfortable. One of my favorite sweatshirts
So much smaller than described or even the picture would lead you to think
Necklace was tangled
I bought this for vacationing in Arizona and New Mexico. Went on many hikes during sunny, 95+ degree weather and this hat kept me from burning. I have very light skin and burn easily. The hat is very light weight and flexible. You can store it in a backpack, suitcase, etc... without damaging it. I'll be buying another one to store just in case they stop making them. .
my niece loves them!!
Great bag. Made well and holds all I need. Bought 2.
It was very lightweight, But did a good job of keeping the wind chill down. Just what I was looking for
same product label etc........but different than prev order.......not soft and feel too thick and synthetic.....not breathable
disappointed and wb sending back
I'll be returning these "premium", supposedly iconic sunglasses to Amazon for a refund. Why? The noise. If you flex the frame slightly.ike you do every time you pick them up, it creaks and squeaks in the most annoying way. Call me old fashioned, but I expect my sunglasses to be SILENT.

Other Cons

1. You can't really push them 'up' onto your head for indoor maneuvers, they fall right off - this is due to the earpieces, they are too short to remain hooked behind yours ears when you do it, so they end up just falling off.
2. Heavy - they are solidly built, but they are heavy and cumbersome compared to my Oakley's - with Oakley's (scalpel, straight-jacket), you cannot even feel them being on - with these, you notice.

**Unfortunately, I can promise you that these are real Ray-Bans - I bet the fake ones aren't as noisy!
FIt perfectly and look great. The fabric is not the softest, but they are, on the whole, comfortably light-weight.
Comfort and to wear
But they don't seem to be polarized!
Good sweatshirt fits good
Very well proportioned 2XL swimsuit, with silky lining and quick drying outer material. Higher-waisted design keeps the suit from riding too low on your hips. Good for "big and tall" men.
Socks from the future, very comfortable! Good for work and working out, very versatile.
Great Jogger's!
I will first say that I loved the short shorts and the idea of these. Men's fashion has had our shorts at knee length for well over a decade and we are finally evolving upward again.

The color is perfect and is identical to the shorts pictured. The length is exactly as shown. Make no mistake, these shorts are very short in comparison to what has been trendy in the past. These shorts are amazing for those who dare!

I will say that the sizing does run on the smaller side and if in doubt, I would recommend going up a size. If the sizing had been correct, I would have happily given 5 stars but, these are ill fitting and very tight around the thighs.
Bought these to make iron on transfer pajama tops for the whole family. These shirts are thinner than regular long sleeve cotton shirts, but still thicker than "tissue tees". I would say they have medium opacity--not sheer but certain things are visible underneath them (like nipples). The weave is pretty fine, they are breathable, and the sleeves and overall length are a little on the long side, but then I'm 5'2 so they probably fit will on someone of average height. The sleeve taper slightly but even considering their "slim" design they are pretty roomy. Decent deal. Not sure they're really worth $8 a shirt but with two day shipping, it's fine.
These are super cute. My daughter absolutely loves them. She wears a different pair everyday. I think they are the perfect size for a child's ear.
They came in little bags and had the cardboard included so you could put them on it, I thought that was a little strange. But they did come with extra backs, both plastic and metal.
I have only had them for a few weeks. They do make driving at night on Chicago expressways better because of the glare reduction. I haven't tried them on a rainy night, two-lane country roads, or in country hilly situations. I am assuming
that they will help in these situations, but I don't really know as of this moment.
Perfect my girl love it .
I am giving the Tote Bag as a gift, I will keep you posted as to the person's reaction. Thank.
Fit well
Nice bag. Material a little cheap!