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I decided to throw all of my old socks away, (after wearing them a final time of course so I could forgo laundry as long as possible). Then I purchased these so that I will NEVER have to deal with mismatched socks EVER AGAIN!!! Seriously, treat your feet, get one brand of sock to save yourself valuable time searching for a mismatched sock. Cheers!
Excelente producto
I like it very much and my granddaughter loved it! It was a gift for her as she has a kitty and loves all things cat wise! Pink is her favorite color so this piece was a win win for her!
It's a great hat, great quality, and great seller and I hope to buy more soon
Still using it, worked as expected
I don't wear caps like this much so I'm presuming the high crest might indicate the front. Well if that's the case, you can see by the top view that the right side seam is way shorter than the left side. No matter which way I turn this, it sits on my head oddly. It's also supposed to be acrylic, but there is no label inside to indicate the composition of the material.

As more & more brick and mortar stores close up shop, it gets increasingly hard to find simple items like this that really need to be looked at & tried on in person. So now we get the waste of it being sent out, me sending it back--which happens frequently with the hit & miss quality of items found on this site.
Good product. Very good quality.
excelent item! thanks!
Great fit and durability
These boxers fit great and feel even better. I went from the basic cotton boxers to these and they are very light.
Soft but thin cotton crew neck to be worn as an undershirt or around the house. They don't shrink (used cold water wash and tumble dry low) but they do lose their shape at the neck after a while, which is expected for this quality.
this is just what I was looking for,I needed a smaller wallet to fit into a crossbody bag and this did the trick while holding all my cards and such, thank you for a very nice wallet and seems to be well made
Good and strong and genuine leather.
I bought this for my wife on her birthday. She Loved it!
not near as good as the cotton,bought both but won't go with the poly again
I gave this to my mom for Mothers Day and she loved it!! I was a little skeptical of the quality before I bought it, but the reviews were so good that I took a chance, and I am so glad that I did because it is wonderful! My mom cried when she opened it and wears it all the time!
As described.
I went on a winter hike and this kept me warm to the point where I kept pulling it down to my neck. The best part was I didn’t have a cold air draft going down my neck! If you are a heavy mouth breather, or your workout is strenuous, the mask may feel damp from time to time. I was able to pull it down, wait a few minutes, and put it back up and I was fine.
Great Love Them
I love the colors. Unfortunately, it is big on my wrist even when adjusted to the smallest knot. I do have very small wrists.
4 stars as I do like the socks and fun colors.
My Concerns:
- The socks very in size, even in a single pair. On one set the left comes just to my ankle and the other goes above it. This is the first time I wore them after washing, so no stretching should have taken place.
- Some of the seems have holes in them already where I can see the skin of my foot. Not all of them do this, but roughly half of them have this on one seem or another. Again, this is is the first time wearing them so no stretching or wear and tear has occurred. I will wait to see if they hold up over time.
I though these 501 jeans wear very thin, and had a smell when they arrived. I put the pair of jeans in the wash to get
the smell out and notice they had three large holes in them what a shame for a brand name that has bee around for a long
time I grew up wearing levis jeans never again I'll but another pair.

Works fine to protect my Carrera glasses in the car.
I am getting them taken in, my tailor informed me that sizes on clothes are just sizes, they dont represent the number of inches around the waist of the pants.Other than that learning curve the jeans are perfect, a lot softer than I expected and Levi's quality has never faltered in all the decades Ive been wearing them.
I bought this for my son and he loves it.
I have bought a few face masks through out the years, and this one was perfect for me.
It's warm enough, doesn't feel itchy , and it doesn't choke you out if you wear it around your neck.
Bought this thinking it was Hanes but I believe it is not. It was rough and ill made. I haven't seen a tag on Hanes shirt anymore but these did. Not a normal tag either it just said Hanes then it had a print of the size on the shirt so I think it was not authentic.
Love the variety
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