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adobe illustrator shoe design

The best wallet I've ever owned. It looks great, feels great and holds everything I need it too. Will order again and highly recommend
I absolutely love this wallet & the ability to just take it out , and carry it around my wrist. The leather is beautiful and my iPhone 10 fits perfectly. Great price too, I went to the Micheal Kors outlet & they wanted $115 for it. I like the olive, its a great neutral.
I waited almost two years to write this review. Bottom line: I enjoyed these so much that I bought a pair for my son's military use. As a civilian, I had reservations about using this product. Would they show? No, they do not. Would they work? Yes, better than expected. They hold my shirts down and my socks up. I no longer must "adust" myself a few times a day. Are they durable? Yes. My son used them for ROTC training and will do so again once he completes basic. They look new. Mine are holding up perfectly under office use.

If you've gotten this far into researching shirt stays, chances are you, or someone you love, needs them. Pull the trigger and purchase these. You won't regret it. I had never heard of shirt stays before they appeared on my Amazon page. Now I wish I had these years ago.
Excellent, especially for the price.
Great product, stylish, easy to set your size. I have 5 pair with various buckles.
I wanted a purse for evening wear and itis a bit big but I am keeping it anyway. Great quality
I bought this product because of the easy to ratch type belt. The quality, style, and fit are excellent for me.
My girls likes them. They're all white so they work under her taekwondo uniform. Fit as expected.
This necklace far exceeded my expectations. Its beautiful. The chain seems to be very sturdy and the urn charm isn't too big or too small. I wish I hadn't a need for it, but I'm very pleased with this necklace. I've ordered one for my daughter and mother as well.
Not true to size. Less material and leaner cut. No, Im not a fat a.., just a big man. The more expensive shorts are the ones that fit perfect with same 2xl size.
Yes you are
Sister loved it!!
Good red hoodie
Good shirt will order more
I've had these sunglasses since May this year. I've worn them almost everyday and worked fine. I grabbed them on my way out and the handle was gone. The screw had fell out. I can't find it to fix it so it was good while it lasted.
Did not like
The anchor portion of the stay is comfortable and not too tight around the leg, however the strap adjustments do not stay in place. I adjusted the straps to correct length. As soon as I sat down or placed tension on the straps, the adjustment gave way and slipped to the end of the strap. I've looked these over and cannot see anything that I did wrong. So far I'm disappointed, but waiting for feedback from the shipper to see if there's a corrective action before I send them back.
I measured my glasses and thought they would fit perfect, unfortunately I did not take into consideration the frame of my glasses so these lenses clip on at the tip top, covering the top frame and leaving the bottom part of my glasses without the lense. You can totally see that they don't fit and it looks goofy but I rock them anyways and I really love how my vision is through them. The sun is appropriately blocked but the color enhancement is also very satisfying. I like them even if I look funny.
This is super cute and goos quality.
I have been buying $20 Iron Man Sunglasses for years now and recently started looking around for an alternative. I just bought the "driver" sunglasses and absolutely love them. The lenses are the perfect shade to cut the sun, but still have an excellent clear view for driving. The packaging was superb and the accessories were really good quality items. Well worth the investment.
Tiene un muy buen diseo pero los materiales son de muy mala calidad y aparte de eso no hay espacio suficiente para las tarjetas de dbito o crdito hay que entrar las muy forzadas.
These are some good sunglasses for occasions or general wear. They are not of the same quality as a pair of Ray-Bans, but that's not expected at this price; they are a nice pair of sunglasses for the price. They are definitely built much better than your average budget sunglasses!

These sunglasses are lightweight and made of a nicely finished metal. They are polarized, which is a must, and most importantly, they do what they are designed to do -- shade from the sun and look cool.

The one downside to these is that they are very large. I am a 6'1 man and these look a little huge even on me. Nonetheless, they will make great safety glasses/ general purpose eye-wear.

These are some good shades that would be great for any time of the year. I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, however my opinion of the product was not in any way influenced by this factor.
Nice quality. 34 W could be a smidgen more
A little tight around the ears. Sits on a wierd spot. But after your ears get accustomed you no longer feel it.
Bought these for my school science club. The kids loved them!
As advertised and great quality
Meant to get x large, received large instead, nice light airy shorts
I actually love the wallet. The size and weight is perfect. It is slim in my pocket and is exactly what I was looking for. What I never saw in any reviews is that the magnet (very strong) has demagnetized all of my credit cards. What a pain that is. So please know that you can not put credit cards next to the money clip as shown in the pictures. The magnet is so strong, it might even de-magnetize if the cards were on the other side. What a shame.
Like the bag. But the zipper spoil on the first day