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nike custom shoes singapore

Everything about this sweater would be perfect had the neck hole not been cut to fit a childs head. Feels as if I'm being choked.
My daughter loves them.
It serves its purpose
Super Comfortable
String broke immediately needs stronger strings and add pockets
Gonna use for pjs
I really wanted to give 3 stars for this, just because 2 stars seems like a jerk move.

However, 2 is still fair. I ordered these on deployment and threw most of them away and went to the crappy tighty whities sold on the ship.

You know when you put on your little brother's underwear and it's -100f ourside? No? Well, I'm sure you would with these on. Maybe my junk got a lot bigger or my dumper is bodacious, but, the large I ordered was wrong. As it turned out, I ordered medium- or "smedium". No big deal, someone wanted to buy a pair also and ordered these exact ones, in a large size. I just gave him these for an even swap and i got the right size a few weeks later. The large were a better FIT, but, still very snug. No big deal again. My ego got a boost so that was cool.

The biggest thing: the waistband. What. The. Eff? They took a smooth waistband, folded it in, and sewed it up with what feels like fishing line. After about 10 minutes of wearing them my hip bones are so irritated that I just go commando. Sweet freedom.

Oh the only fix to that is to wear them inside-out. That fold of the elastic band faces inward when worn as intended. When reversed, it's outboard and smooth against your waist.

Hail Hydra.
64inches and 150lb with athletic build. These fit great! Couldve went with a medium or large. Will definitely buy another pair.
I love this necklace! It was beautifully put together and very sturdy.
Great bargain
Good quality for the price.
They are underwear! Ya gotta have underwear! Comfortable.
I have two pairs of the pants, and decided to try for the shorts as well. Next best thing to being naked.
Nice as usual... only problem is, can't seem to get them completely stain-free after working in the garden. So there's that.
I bought these for my active 6 year old. Traditional earring backings were too close to her skin and irritating it. Im pleasantly surprised with the quality of these earrings. The part that goes through the ear is a bit soft and I had issues with lining it up with the closure at first. 3 days and theyve stayed in fine. Im a bit nervous about the closure loosening and then falling off. We shall see. So far so good.
Not worth buying it dont look like whats in the picture
you get what you pay for--this is awful. The shoulders are not aligned, so I cannot wear this. Will cut up for rags.
The original version of this product only comes in white. This version is constructed the same way. It helps to pull my shoulders back.
Sooooo pretty on my little 23 month old! She loves having hoops like Mama. She also sleeps in them.
This crossbody is the perfect size for carrying a wallet, phone and keys. It is exactly what I was looking for. It is also very good quality.
Just what I wanted
Great bag, so many pockets and roomy enough for everything I carry
They Work! Great products, don't have to worry about pants falling down with these suspenders. Many colors to chose from which is nice, they also have different types of suspenders to chose from depending on what your needs are. Anyone who buys these suspenders will not be disappointed
Okay but too large in the waist
I was disappointed with this bag... it came rather scrunched and wrinkled... and I'm not sure it's actually leather. It looks great in the photo, but in person, rather cheap. Disappointed. Also, it came a day late. Returning purse.
Loved them! Not thin like the reviews said. And loved the length. Perfect
The clasp works great, very easy to access.
They were not wearable, they were not wide enough, and could tell as soon as you tried to put them on. I wear a 14 US D width shoe, and was hoping these would fit, gtiven the larger sizes on the package. Also, had they fit, they would have been too long/tall also. Oh well.
I have an average size adult head and these looked small on my face. Probably better for a kids 9 - 13 yrs old
It fitted well